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Shadows Mark by Nicole Morgan
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Save girl. Get girl. Prepare for battle…

Shadows Mark
Nicole Morgan
International Bestselling Author

Brett Hargrove
was a loner and stayed beneath the radar just like most of his clan as they
moved from town to town every few years. He tried his best to live a simple
life, as much as a vampire could anyway.
Jamie Paulson was
barely out of high school when she’d met the dark and dangerous, Gary. Since
then he’d spent the years tormenting her and breaking every part of her soul.


When Brett learns of the
abuse that a member of their clan has inflicted on one of their own, he steps
up to be the vulnerable woman’s protector. Though Gary has no intention of
letting Jamie go. And Brett soon realizes that a battle for the woman and their
very lives may be the only way they can truly be free.


She hesitated when he
pulled her closer, unsure of what may happen next. Everything about him seemed
dangerous. His eyes reminded her of the icy blue waters of Alaska. Dark in some
places, yet crystal clear in others. There was something hypnotizing about them.
It was the way that they stayed on her, never glancing away for even a second
as he pierced her with his gaze.
Though he dressed
normal, from his jeans to his t-shirt, she knew there was absolutely nothing
ordinary about him. He was exactly the type of boy that her parents had warned
her of. Good looking, and with an intense glare. It was obvious that he had a
penchant for being bad, yet even knowing that she couldn’t seem to help
herself. She was drawn to him. Like a moth to the flame, she couldn’t run away
from him if she’d wanted to.
He hooked his fingers
through the belt loops of her jeans and pressed their bodies firmly against one
another. Her heart skipped a beat and warmth filled her entire body. She
wondered what this visceral reaction to him meant. Was she finally experiencing
what all her friends in high school had been talking about? Was this lust? Was
it desire? Was it wrong?
So many questions ran
through her mind while she tried to gain control of her overwhelming emotions.
This wasn’t like her. She had always been such a good girl. She’d always
listened to her parents, stayed out of trouble, abided by their rules and
studied hard for those college entrance exams.
None of those things
that had shaped the nearly eightteen years of her life seemed to matter in that
moment. All she cared about were the thick pouty lips of the boy who stood mere
inches from her.
Kiss me! She cried
silently, knowing that only she could know the depths of her desperation.
There was something
happening to her that she couldn’t explain. Her body felt like she had been set
ablaze. Unconsciously, she pressed herself further into his body.
She wasn’t sure who
was more surprised by her actions, him or her. Still, the way he kept his gaze
on her was driving her mad.
“Relax.” He whispered.
“I’m sorry. I’ve…
never been with a boy like this.”
She watched while his
lips curved up in a devilish grin. There was something about him that she
couldn’t resist. And she wasn’t even sure that she wanted to.
“It’s gonna be okay.”
He may have been
trying to assure her, but she wasn’t sure she believed him. Her body told her
to ignore her mind, but her thoughts were fighting back with logic and reason.
A little voice inside
of her told her to run fast and far away from him before it was too late, but
she didn’t. She stayed there, their bodies close, her pulse racing and not a
clue what she should do.
“What’s happening to
me?” she asked.
Maybe it was in the
way that he said it, or the half threat, half promise that seemed to be a part
of his words.
Whatever it was, she
knew there was no way out. She was trapped, thoroughly ensnared in his hold
just like a spider to a fly.
“Why do I feel
scared?” her question surprised even her. She hadn’t meant to ask him, but the
words came out of their own volition.
“Don’t be scared.”
“I’m trying not to be.
I’ve just never felt like this before.”
“It’s okay. I
understand.” He drew in a deep breath and continued, “You want to be with me,
don’t you?”
She couldn’t manage a
verbal response, so she nodded in response.
“Good. Very good,
Jamie. Because I’m going to make that happen. I’ll see to it you’ll never be
able to leave me. Ever.”
Running his hands
along the sides of her hips and up to the outer swell of her breasts, he made
his move. She stood frozen as he closed the small distance between them, only
her lips parting ever so slightly as she waited for his kiss that never came.
Dipping his head down
to the shallow part between her neck and shoulder, his breath burned her
already heated skin.
She closed her eyes,
expecting to feel the warmth of his mouth, and a gentle tease of his tongue.
Instead of feeling such pleasure, her eyes opened wide. Shock and fear filled
her all at once when she felt the stabbing agony of something sharp cut through
her skin.
For reasons
unbeknownst to her, she held onto him as the pain continued to run through her
body. A hot and sticky sensation coated the side of her neck and spilled down
into her bra.
Her mind swam with
thoughts of confusion and an unfamiliar sense of euphoria. Lightheaded and
weak, she sensed as she was about to drift away and forced herself to hold onto
him tighter.
Gary, what is
happening to me?
She asked the
question, but no sounds came from her. Alone within her own mind and unable to
utter a word, she let the veil of sleep take her while wondering if she’d ever
wake again.


Who I am 
I’m a chaotic mess who works best when a million things
are going on. I try my best to have structure and stay organized but, you know
what they say about best laid plans. LOL.
What genres I write in
It’s really a mixed bag of sorts. I’ve written everything
from suspense, to paranormal and even the lighter side of BDSM. One thing you
can almost always count on me for though is a certain level of steam.
Favorite genres to read
I read like I write, but still tend to lean more toward
suspense, especially military related ones.
Favorite TV shows
If it’s on Investigation Discovery, then I’m watching it.
LOL. But I do also have a hankering for paranormal shows and, wait for it…
Project Runway!
Last movie I saw on the big screen
Bad Moms. It was on a date with a really sweet guy and we
both kept wondering why the commercials looked far more funny than the actual
movie itself. LOL
What’s on my Netflix list (to be watched)
I’m still living under the illusion that I’ll wake up one
day and find out that The Following (with Kevin Bacon) actually didn’t get
cancelled and I’ll be able to watch a new season. Though that hope is fading
every day.
Coffee or Tea
OMG. Coffee! Specifically Caramel Macchiato with an extra
shot of espresso.
Chocolate or Caramel
Umm… Caramel! Is that even a question? LOL
Apple Cider or Pumpkin Spice
Eww… did you not read the above question? It’s Caramel…
the answer is ALWAYS caramel! *winks*
Rock N Roll or Country
Both, but classic rock can never be matched!
Lumberjack or Police Officer
That’s not even a fair choice. I shouldn’t have to
choose. I’m single… I say both! LOL.
Tropical Island or Winter Cabin
Again, this constant making me choose just one thing is
not fair. I say Tropical Island in the winter months and Colorado Cabin in the
spring and summer! If I’m going to fantasize, I’m going to do it right!
Thanks for having me today! Happy reading everyone!
~ Nicole Morgan   


Morgan has been writing since 2009 and is an author of erotic romance novels,
which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed
with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she’s written everything from contemporary
to paranormal, and his dipped her feet in just about every genre, her leading
men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to
police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve.
And while it all began with her very first novel (which turned into a four book
series) about Navy SEALs, that trend has continued throughout the years in her
more recent releases. One thing that you can always count on will be that
you’re sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.


also writes under the pen names of Taylor Brooks and Nicki Day.


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