Charley had escaped Silas’s sad excuse for a prison cell with no more than a broken nail. She knows that she is in some deep shit with her employer for not only disappearing for a few days but also for not killing Silas as promised. There was something infuriating and sexy about the man that made it hard for her not to go rubbing her sass in his face. With his sardonic smile and chiseled cheekbones, Silas was quickly becoming her hardest job yet.

Silas found the little red head’s antics cute. Someone wants him dead, but that’s nothing new. He is one of the most hated of his kind. He can’t help it everyone else is too scared to take what they really want, no matter the consequences. So they hired the half-breed to send him to an early grave, but something is getting in the way of her pulling the trigger. Silas knows he pisses her off just as much as he heats her up. Next time he gets her alone, he plans to investigate both.

Charley wants this job to be over. The target is a smug, arrogant dragon with a great butt. Silas has leverage over the red-headed halfling who is trying to kill him. He’ll give her what she wants but only after he has her for a night, or three.

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