Note to self: when you see a dragon run the other way.

Watching two dragons brawl it out in the middle of Philly wasn’t something Hailey Holloway had thought she’d see when she woke up that morning. It was the day that she replayed in her head over and over, the day that landed her in the mess she was in now. Because on that day, Hailey had unintentionally invited the soul of one of those dragons into her own for safe keeping. But this was his eviction notice. She wanted him out of her head. Now.

Dacea was supposed to be dead but being best friends with a witch had its advantages. Now he just had to find a way out of this human. As leader of the red dragon sept, Dacea didn’t have time to babysit a woman who thought she was going insane. His enemies would eventually catch on and find out he wasn’t six feet under. They were going to have to work together to get out of this, but he’d have to convince her he was real first.

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