Hailey has been taken.

She is alive and has a dragon boyfriend with a shiny new body. Life is fantastic. Or it was until she is drugged and pulled right off the street. Hailey finds herself no match for the supernatural world, and as Dacea’s mate, she has a target on her back. The question now was, will Dacea come after her or did their latest battle of arrogance verses stubbornness ruin her chances of rescue?

Dacea has two Mates.

Word of his return is making its way through the dragon world, all the way to his runaway Mate. After hundreds of years of searching and wondering what had happened to her, Katherine is back and making herself at home. Torn between the life he had and the one he just began, Dacea must decide where his loyalties lie before time runs out for Hailey.

Silas has a secret.

His mind is set and he’ll tear through whatever gets in his way. With a little more research he hopes to have his suspicions confirmed. And when they are, his discovery will change everything.

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